Extrude Hone Kennametal Tooling Provides the Edge

The tool (cathode) is a critical element of the ECM process because its properties and shape determine where and how much material is removed from the workpiece. The tool material provides the electrical resistance that maintains the constant gap between the cathode and workpiece surface. Because the cathode never comes into contact with the workpiece, the tooling does not wear.

Our team of manufacturing professionals will work with you to determine the best possible tooling design for your project.

Trust Kennametal to manage these key process considerations:

  • Protecting areas of the cathode from electrolyte and the electric field that are not a part of the ECM process.
  • Controlling the resistance in the gap by designing the appropriate cathode.
  • Controlling the gap distance throughout the ECM process to avoid short circuiting.
  • Providing short circuit detection at the DC source.
  • Ensuring the cathode utilizes electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel or brass.
  • Ensuring that cathode areas not a part of the ECM process are protected with an isolator.