Extrude Hone is the unique Contract shop providing ECM rifling in America, but that’s not all.

In addition, EXTRUDE HONE offers direct solutions for the firearm industry through all 3 of our core technologies; ECM (Electrochemical Machining), AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining), and TEM (Thermal Energy Method).



Improving performance with rifling

  • ECM offers the ability to rifle your gun barrel with ease
  • Improves firearm accuracy without generating any additional stress in the surface of the barrel
  • Process quality doesn’t vary with the material properties of your barrel
  • No burrs or tooling marks left on the barrel
  • Contract services right out of Sterling Heights, MI

Improving Quality and Reliability

  • AFM can be used to deburr barrels, bores, passageways, and more. Improving surface can help prevent rusting, increase lifespan by reducing friction across moving parts and wear imposed on the surface. You can also improve visual appearance and aesthetic of your firearms.
  • Sometime a single micro burr could compromise functionality for this TEM can be used to deburr various components (Bolts, carriers, and trigger mechanisms…). TEM can help prevent jamming and increase smoothness of your firearms

Our processes also contribute to reduces labor time and part turnaround time, in most cases multiple parts can be processed, all burrs removed simultaneously, or various areas being processed at once.


Take immediate action to improve your firearms!