Taking Surface Finish to a NEW Dimension

finish3D arrives in 2018 as a fine tuned solution to uncover the diamond in the rough.

For the first time, two key players in the surface finishing industry have combined their technologies in order to provide a solution for ANY part made by Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing has shown its amazing ability to build parts with very complex geometries that have never been seen before with any other manufacturing process. Additive Manufacturing is now reaching an industrial level and can even compete with traditional industry.


What is your solution for finishing metal components made by Additive Manufacturing ?

Without the best solution you end up with nicely packed powder.


finish3D offers freedom of finishing :

  • Geometry: Any
  • Incoming roughness:  Any
  • Outcoming roughness: Even <1µin Ra
  • Price: Controlled
  • Delivery time: Controlled


finish3D allows you to sit back and relax :

  • Finishing strategy: we pick the best
  • Your time: saved
  • Results:  simulated and guaranteed
  • Project: Greater chance of success
  • Volume Production: More projects will make it


finish3D ease of access :

  • Address your existing contact at either MMP Technology or Extrude Hone
  • Same product and same service quality from both partners
  • Available in Americas, Europe, and coming soon to Asia


Contact us: finish3D@dev2.extrudehone.com