Extrude Hone® is dedicated to providing precision surface solutions worldwide, helping our manufacturing partners produce components of uncompromising quality. There are several categories of surface finishing that we specialize in. These include:

Deburring: Removes burrs at bore exits and at intersected holes in a workpiece caused by drilling.

Polishing: Optimizes the surface characteristics of the workpiece.

Radiusing: Generates continuous, true-edge radii or round-edge radii.

Deflashing: Removes zinc, zamac, or aluminium die cast mold flashing.

Decontamination: Removes machining particles trapped in hidden areas.

Flow Tuning: Creates a defined flow resistance through an orifice.

Surface Stress Relief:
Smooths critical fatigue points and removes stress risers.


Extrude Hone finishing processes are designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing challenges and performance objectives for component surfaces. In fact, any surface that meets fluid, fuel, and airflow can be improved through our finishing technologies.