If you are looking for a solution with the capability to shape and finish your components in a single pass, our Extrude Hone™ Electro-Chemical (ECM), Dynamic Electrochemical Machining, and Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) processes will provide the high-precision results and production efficiency you need.

Using a cathode as the tool, both ECM and ECM DYNAMIC processes machine workpieces by dissolving the metal electrolytically rather than cutting metal using hardened tooling. These contactless technologies are ideal for use in high-volume production and for highly precise parts. Our AFM process, which applies an abrasive media to surfaces at high pressure, provides targeted, highly repeatable radiusing of component hole intersects, slots and edges.

There are several categories of surface shaping that Extrude Hone® specializes in. These include:

Contouring / Shaping: Creates a pre-defined irregular surface profile. This is accomplished through mapping of the cathode geometry into the workpiece.

Drilling: Creates connection holes either internally or externally.

Radiusing: Generates continuous, true-edge radii or round-edge radii.

Precision, cost-effectiveness and reliability…three compelling reasons to consider Extrude Hone’s shaping technologies for your most demanding component shaping challenges.