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Extrude Hone is on booth 423, June 27 -29. Join us!

Extrude Hone Booth - Turbo ExpoWhen it comes to improve turbomachinery efficiency Extrude Hone is your partner of choice.

Our advanced finishing technologies enable manufacturers to finish both leading and trailing edge of airfoils to final configuration.

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) or COOLPULSE™ or a combination of both also produces increased fluid flow rates in nozzles, stators, rotors, inducers, swirlers, and diffusers for a more efficient and powerful engine.

New ALM – 3D printed components also benefit from these technologies. We have a specific presentation showing COOLPULSE benefits for these 3D printed components. From surface improvement to finishing of intricate passages.


For More Information on COOLPULSE™ Download Our Whitepaper.