Generating 3D Shapes with Dynamic ECM – Drilling, Shaping, Broaching, Sinking.

Extrude Hone stands for the best ECM machining quality and innovative solutions and our new technological developments are testament to this claim. We are proud to announce that we will be part and contribute with a verbal presentation on the 7th summit for deburring technologies in Lüdenscheid, Germany from November 22nd to 23rd.

Manufacturers in industry segments across the board are being challenged to improve the efficiency and performance of their products. Rising emission standards and other manufacturing requirements are driving the need to improve the quality and efficient operation of every component. The effects of component stress as a result of the manufacturing process are also a concern for components that will be functioning under extreme operating conditions.
Dynamic ECM is a modified ECM process in which the cathode moves with constant speed into the part, providing finishing results for components with complex shapes that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with conventional machining methods.

• ECM shaping
• ECM broaching
• ECM sinking
• ECM drilling
• EC riffling

Your Benefits:

• Design accuracy
• Specialized application capabilities
• Longer component life
• Longer tool life
• Process efficiency
• No deburring requirements
• Increased productivity
• Quality and repeatability