This week, tens of thousands of metalworkers, production managers, and manufacturers from around the world are converging on Düsseldorf, Germany, to kick off METAV 2016, the 19th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies, February 23–27. There, they will explore the largest collection and widest range of manufacturing and metalworking technologies ever presented one place, covering aerospace industries, the automotive industry, machine and plant building, medical engineering, optics, power and environmental technologies, precision mechanics, and much more.

To help attendees hone in on the exhibitors who can do them the most good, the METAV showroom is divided into four distinct areas:

  • The Quality Area: Quality is one of the most important factors for every manufacturer. To ensure quality, they need accurate measurements and repeatable results. In the Quality area, manufacturers of production measuring and testing equipment will be showing off state-of-the-art wares to give manufacturers the capabilities they need to meet the high expectations of their sectors.
  • The Molding Area: METAV attendees will find the latest in tool and mold construction technologies, including both hardware and software, in the Molding area. These cutting-edge, ultra-accurate technologies have expanded beyond metalworking and into other materials, such as plastics and composites.
  • The Additive Manufacturing Area: 3D printing has become a powerful force in manufacturing, and it’s easy to see why. Its quick and unlimited potential for customization and iteration are speeding up development efforts in many manufacturing sectors. In the Additive Manufacturing area, attendees will get a glimpse at what is considered visionary, as well as what visions are already possible.
  • The Medical Area: Medical industries have some of the highest expectations for quality, safety, and dependability, requiring precision machining technologies that can consistently deliver perfection. In the Medical area, attendees can expect to find today’s advancements that will become tomorrow’s medical miracles.

Within each area, exhibitors will showcase new and improved technologies that can increase production, raise efficiency, offer flexibility, and save money along the entire manufacturing line. Through on-site demonstrations and the chance to question the people who know their technologies best, attendees will begin to rethink and retool their production lines for a more lucrative future.

But the in-depth demonstrations and forward-thinking technologies are only part of the allure of METAV. For those with the vision, this gathering also offers opportunities for investment, the foundations of new businesses partnerships, and a new look at the potential of the production technology sector.

Extrude-Hone-Booth-Photo-METAVWe are off to a terrific start with great activity at Extrude Hone booth at the METAV (Hall 15 / booth E84).  Our team has had the opportunity to discussed with customers their needs to increase productivity and quality in manufacturing, shaping and finishing. It has been amazing to see how well prepared some customers came to the show, with drawing and detailed specification for us to review.  We have the perfect set up to dig deeply into component requirements showing what our technologies can offer and what the benefits they provide.  We have leveraged the digital aspect of our presence with 3D animations really illustrating what happens at the heart of a component.  Our aim is to help the manufacturing industry by delivering the best performance at the best price.

If you’re attending METAV 2016, don’t forget to stop in at the Extrude Hone booth in Hall 15/booth E84, in the Molding area. Knowledgeable members of our staff will be on hand to answer questions, and our grand display will include videos and animations to show how our processes — including shaping, machining, deburring, polishing, and even micromachining — can be incorporated into your production lines to increase efficiency while lowering production costs.

Hope to see you there!