EXTRUDE HONE is pleased to welcome you to our stand at the Paris Air Show, taking place June 19th to 23rd. You`ll find us in Hall 3 Booth D29.

Let’s focus on our new COOLPULSE Technology for surface finishing of metal 3D printed parts.

Paris Air ShowUsing COOLPULSE Technology for surface finish of metal 3D printed parts solves the problem of rough surfaces by keeping the Freedom of Design for metal parts at once at very economic cycle & turnaround time!

Our brand new technology allows complete surface treatment and sets a milestone in development of ECM (Electrochemical machining):


Extrude Hone is an Electrochemical Machining LEADER delivering complete solutions from design of tooling, machines and contract shop.


Key benefits of the COOLPULSE™ Solutions:

  • COOLPULSE™ finishes both internal / external surface simultaneously.
  • Bath technology enables larger surface areas to be machined.
  • Capable of rapid and cost-effective tooling production by utilization of 3D printing technologies.
  • Patented base plate allows easy setup. No wire connection to the parts required.
  • Remote application parameters provided and uploaded by Extrude Hone.
  • COOLPULSE™ uses pH neutral, environmentally friendly electrolyte.


When at the booth you can also talk about the complete Extrude Hone solutions covering the 3 main technologies ECM, AFM, and TEM (Thermal deburring).

See you at Paris Air Show!