SYSLINE our fully customized solution, engineered to your needs and for a maximum value add


Doing our utmost to best serve our customers is THE highest priority at Extrude Hone. This starts from offering the customer the best solutions for their applications and needs and goes beyond the imaginable when it comes to the engineering and designing of the final solution. This includes cost effective solutions such as standardized machines like our brand-new ECO+, customizable solutions like our ECLINE machine portfolio and finally, fully customized, fully automated solutions, designed for maximum output and minimum cost per part like our SYSLINE product line. All solutions are designed, together with our innovative tooling solutions, and always with YOU, our customer at the heart of our considerations.

In this blog we`d like to talk about the flexibility and efficiency of our SYSLINE product line. This solution is especially designed for applications which require anything but standard. It is designed to be operated without any human interaction, including all necessary process steps, to EC machine a part in seconds. Starting at the palletizing station designed by our innovative engineering team, the parts pass via a pre-wash system into the ECM process. After processing the parts go through all the required post-treatment steps including preservation and drying of the parts back to the palletizing system. All you need to do is to load the machine with pallets of raw parts and unload the finished parts.

The quality management of your machine control makes it possible to do SPC part-handling in a fully-automated manner. The system comes with an external electrolyte and washing liquid treatment station and a HYDROM ultrafiltration unit, to ensure a constantly high electrolyte quality which is essential for a high-quality ECM process.

Your Benefits:

  • Design accuracy
  • Specialized application capabilities
  • Longer component life
  • Longer tool life
  • Process efficiency
  • No deburring requirements
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality and repeatability