Medical beds come with an incredibly high level of sophistication with highly complex motion control systems. One key component, usually hidden in the mechanism, is the ball screw which provides smooth controlled motion.

Ball screws looks like simple device, but they require fine tolerances and nice finishing to operate at their best. Several ball screw areas, if not perfectly deburred and clean, could cause failures. By using Extrude Hone ECM (Electrochemical Machining) to deburr and radius some edges you can guarantee a 100% quality level. In addition, ECM is a very fast process, with time cycle below the minutes and most of the time below 30 seconds so it qualifies ECM for mass production.

That means smooth lifting movement of the bed and no risk to get the motion system jolting or worst being blocked. Comfort is critical for patient who are already in deep pain. Smooth motion also helps nurses to quickly adjust bed height when they move patients in and out of the bed multiple times per day.

Our machines are used to proceed various ball screws and ball screw nuts in various industries.  At the beginning of 2020 Medical has been in the spotlight due to COVID-19 crisis; employee in Sterling Heights contract shop location have dedicated themselves to successfully meet the surge in the demand of ECM finished ball screws they produce.